mercredi 13 février 2008

phpGW Todo List

Hi all,

It's the second day I take for working with the phpGroupWare project ... Cool, thanks to my company for letting me work for it !

The first day was taken for Solution Linux 2008 where I was representing the phpgroupware-france association with maat (Pascal Vilarem) and jak (Alain Khoury). We meet a lot's of interesting people there, asking mostly what's the difference between you and eGW, or "what ? you are still alive ?" Yes we are, and working hard on the next release (the famous 0.9.18, with sync in it !)

Anyway, at the conference, I promise some little thing, that I'm sure people are still waiting, so here's the todo :

  1. Building a virtual image with phpgroupware running in it

  2. Working on ldap integration, (one of my objective is to help integrating a "simple" ldap with full interaction btw ldap and phpgw)

  3. working on sync to help johang

Trust me, that's a lot's of work :). So better than write here, I'll go to work !


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