vendredi 29 février 2008

phpGW first item from todo list bis

Hi all,

As said in my previous post on my first item, I was waiting for a little bit more stability in the head version for building a phpGW Demo image with head ... That's partially done.

Before starting downloading the file, I warn here users :

  • The code included is still in developments phase, so don't expect it to work out of the box ...

  • use the script un ~phpgw/ for update before first use !

  • Notices are displayed for developements purposes (btw I forgot to add the excellent ffx plugin firebug) and breaks a lot's of thing. So if you are not a devs, or not curious, don't use this image.

For downloading the file image, it's here. The md5sum of the file is : 129117c678344d045938576b1276cc4a. The file size is around 310 Mo (that's better than the previous one, I don't forgot to do an apt-get clean this time :).

Concerning the login / password, they are the same as the previous post, so please read it :). I wan't able to configure phpgw as far as the stable release. But you should be able (when notices are not displayed for example) to configure it better.
Dave, I know you're reading my posts, so perhaps trying the image and looking at bugs in it could be interesting :). You will probably think that I miss some important part of the configuration, but I hope not so.

Happy hacking !

Btw, if you found bugs (and yes there's still a lot's of them) take a look at the bug tracker there :
phpGW' Savannah Bug Tracker


mercredi 13 février 2008

phpGW first item from todo list

Hi all,

That's it !

You will find here md5sum is 6361f49b0b007975e5f02f72e43b355f a qcow image for running phpgroupware in a kvm/qemu environnement. This will help you to demonstrate phpgroupware evrywhere. Here are some infos :

  • The image is around 456Mo (Ouch)

  • root password is phpgroupware-head

  • the user : phpgw the password phpgroupware

  • Once logged in xdm, with the user, an iceweasel is launch pointing to the login page

  • user there is still phpgw and the password is either fghjkl or phpgroupware (don't remember which)

  • I configured as much as possible the phpgroupware to let you see the base applications (email/addressbook/notes/infolog/headlines(pointing on planet phpGroupWare)/etc ...)

  • To enable other applications, login as admin password : phpgroupware, then go in the admin section, then in the user group section, then default and add acl there.

This is a start base for work. There's a lot's more to do, but it's pretty runnable with the following command :
qemu -m 512 phpgw-16.qcow

If you need more infos, just leave a comment here, I will answer ASAP. Feel free to modify the image to feet your needs, and let us know where to get it !


PS: For French Users (most of the intended audience ?) the keyboard is qwerty, I let you google on how modify this at boot time :)

phpGW Todo List

Hi all,

It's the second day I take for working with the phpGroupWare project ... Cool, thanks to my company for letting me work for it !

The first day was taken for Solution Linux 2008 where I was representing the phpgroupware-france association with maat (Pascal Vilarem) and jak (Alain Khoury). We meet a lot's of interesting people there, asking mostly what's the difference between you and eGW, or "what ? you are still alive ?" Yes we are, and working hard on the next release (the famous 0.9.18, with sync in it !)

Anyway, at the conference, I promise some little thing, that I'm sure people are still waiting, so here's the todo :

  1. Building a virtual image with phpgroupware running in it

  2. Working on ldap integration, (one of my objective is to help integrating a "simple" ldap with full interaction btw ldap and phpgw)

  3. working on sync to help johang

Trust me, that's a lot's of work :). So better than write here, I'll go to work !